Aussie tech titans Mathspace and Canva team up to pioneer next generation maths tools

Mathspace & fellow Australian tech success Canva have teamed up to release over 350 new templates for free in Canva, aligned to both the Australian and US maths curriculum.

Aussie tech titans Mathspace and Canva team up to pioneer next generation maths tools
  • Over 350 Mathspace-inspired templates now available for free in Canva
  • Templates are aligned with the new Australian maths curriculum and US
  • Canada and UK templates to be rolled out this year

One of Australia’s leading online maths platforms, Mathspace, is proud to announce a new partnership with Canva, the world's only all-in-one visual communication platform. Together, the two Australian tech innovators aim to enrich mathematics education by merging design, artificial intelligence, and the best educational content, as part of its Canva for Education platform.

The collaboration debuts with 350 Mathspace-inspired templates, including lesson presentations, worksheets and interactive activities. These are tailored to align with the new Australian maths curriculum, as well as the US curriculum. Additionally, there are plans to introduce Mathspace templates for the UK and Canada by the end of the year.

Mathspace Co-founder, Mohamad Jebara, said his team is honoured to have Mathspace as the exclusive content partner for mathematics in the Canva for Education platform.

"We're thrilled to partner with Canva to get Mathspace lessons out to a wider audience. Over 50 million people rely on Canva for education and we're proud to have a shared commitment to innovation, providing more people with high quality and free educational resources.

“It's great to see design flair and new learning elements to our textbooks in the Canva for Education platform. I know many of our Mathspace teachers will be excited to use these Canva templates in their classrooms to enhance student learning."

Mr Jebara highlighted that the lesson templates enhance Mathspace’s adaptive learning platform. With the integration of OpenAI’s GPT-4, students can now receive a more supportive learning experience.

“For the first time, teachers have access to unparalleled learning resources at their fingertips, using the best technology has to offer. I’m excited to see the impact with Canva’s Education Platform combined with Mathspace's personalised, adaptive technology. It’s creating more fun and meaningful learning while being more accessible and effective for both educators and teachers alike.”

A new survey by Canva of 1,004 US teachers, found that 93% are unsure where to start when it comes to AI. 

Mathspace and Canva are both at the forefront of developing AI technology for education. As part of Canva’s Education Platform, with more than 5,000 free classroom resources across maths, science, art and design, it has introduced a suite of AI tools in its Classroom Magic, while Mathspace is the first edtech in Australia, and one of the first in the world, to integrate GPT-4 into its chatbot, Milo.

Milo moderates student queries, tapping into Mathspace’s extensive database of over 65,000 maths questions and about 900,000 hints. This ensures students receive supportive context without being handed direct answers.

From a closed beta group of more than 12,000 Year 7 and 8 students using the GPT-4 chat feature, Mathspace saw a 30% lift in student engagement and their average scores rose from 53% to 73%.

Established in 2010 in Australia by Mr Jebara, Chris Velis and Alvin Savoy, Mathspace is an educational powerhouse, with over one in three Australian schools now accessing Mathspace (3,432 schools). It is also used by a further 3,557 schools outside Australia, with several US districts including the 10th largest district of Fairfax in Virginia.

Click here to access the Canva templates inspired by Mathspace.

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Erin Byrne
Head of Customer Success | Mathspace

About Mathspace
Founded in 2010 with a mission to help teachers excel students at mathematics, Mathspace is an Australian-founded award-winning adaptive maths platform used by millions of students worldwide, including over one in three Australian schools. It’s the first edtech in Australia to integrate GPT-4, using the AI technology to help students learn and improve their results with better accuracy and context.

What distinguishes Mathspace from other edtech platforms is its corrective step-level feedback and the ability for students to demonstrate their process. Mathspace delivers tailored feedback to support students at the exact moment of misconception, rather than only at the end. This, combined with adaptive learning technology, provides teachers with highly individualised learning support for each student. Visit for further details.