Could AI be the answer to Australia’s declining maths performance? Mathspace Builds AI-driven learning experience with ChatGPT

Mathspace became the first Australian EdTech to integratge ChatGPT this year and the beta group has seen a significant boost in student engagement and attainment.

Could AI be the answer to Australia’s declining maths performance? Mathspace Builds AI-driven learning experience with ChatGPT
  • First Australian edtech to integrate ChatGPT with chatbot puppy, Milo
  • Boost in student engagement and improved results
  • Mohamad Jebara: “AI will not solve Australia’s teacher crisis but will help”

One of Australia’s leading online maths platforms, Mathspace, is the first edtech in the country and one of the first in the world to develop an interactive, AI-driven learning experience with GPT-4.

The award-winning platform uses OpenAI’s GPT-4 technology via an online chatbot puppy named Milo. This ensures an immersive yet secure learning environment, as Milo moderates student inquiries by applying OpenAI’s Moderation API Toolkit. Combined with Mathspace’s extensive database of over 65,000 maths questions and about 900,000 hints, the platform ensures students remain on track, and provides context without revealing direct answers.

Results from its closed beta group of 12,038 Year 7 and 8 students using the GPT-4 chat integration over a one month period found student engagement increased by 30% and their results improved from 53% to 73% on average.

While it’s already showing incredible improvement to learning and student engagement, which is a significant milestone for measuring the impact of AI chat support in learning, Mathspace founder, Mohamad Jebara, believes AI will not solve Australia’s education crisis.

“We're thrilled to harness the potential of AI and large language models, providing students with a secure environment under teacher guidance. It showcases how technology can be positively channelled for learning.

"When students have follow-up questions with Milo, their engagement increases. It’s no longer a one-sided interaction. And it will continue to improve to be more conversational. 

“While AI can’t single-handedly resolve the teacher shortage crisis or ever replace teachers, Mathspace serves as a vital tool, bridging the gap created by the dwindling numbers of maths-trained educators, and enhancing their impact in the classroom.”

After visiting more than 50 schools across Australia in the last month, Mr Jebara consistently identified a pressing maths teacher deficit as a core challenge leading to falling results. The latest 2018 OECD PISA findings show Australia has one of the strongest declining results, and ranks 24th out of the 42 participating countries. He also suggests this shortage has influenced the disappointing NAPLAN results.

“Over the past month I have consistently witnessed the same struggle in schools: a shortage of qualified maths teachers. This has undoubtedly contributed to falling academic results.

“It’s not so much how Australia compares globally that concerns me, the real concern is decline in maths scores in real terms. We’ve gone backwards. The adoption of AI technology can bridge not only the gaps within Australia but it can also raise the educational bar worldwide."

Founded in Australia in 2010 by Mr Jebara, Chris Velis and Alvin Savoy, Mathspace has grown to be an educational powerhouse in Australia, with over one in three schools now accessing Mathspace (3,432 schools). It is also used by a further 3,557 schools outside Australia, with several US districts including the 10th largest district of Fairfax in Virginia.

Mr Jebara envisions the adoption of AI in every classroom.

“When calculators were first introduced there was pushback from educators, who were concerned that they would overshadow student efforts. However, over time, we’ve not only introduced them, but also leveraged their capabilities for higher order thinking and problem solving. Today, calculators have become the standard, and we've adapted our teaching methods and assessment strategies to embrace them.

“AI, too, will eventually become an integral part of classrooms. Students will collaborate with AI tools like ChatGPT to enhance their project outcomes. The sooner we responsibly integrate AI technology into our educational framework, the more effectively we'll equip our students for their future.”

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About Mathspace
Founded in 2010 with a mission to help teachers excel students at mathematics, Mathspace is an Australian-founded award-winning adaptive maths platform used by millions of students worldwide, including over one in three Australian schools. It’s the first edtech in Australia to integrate GPT-4, using the AI technology to help students learn and improve their results with better accuracy and context.

What distinguishes Mathspace from other edtech platforms is its corrective step-level feedback and the ability for students to demonstrate their process. Mathspace delivers tailored feedback to support students at the exact moment of misconception, rather than only at the end. This, combined with adaptive learning technology, provides teachers with highly individualised learning support for each student. Visit for further details.