What’s new for Australia?

What’s new for Australia?

An update on our content for Australia (July 2018 — September 2018)

Michael and Jono from our content team

The content team have been working on many projects, some of which you can read about elsewhere. But at Mathspace we are always creating and optimising our lessons and questions to make sure teachers and students are not just engaged, but learning as best they can.

Topics Overview

Our highlights from the last few months include an overhaul of our networks content (examples include converting to networks and degree and adjacency matrices), expansion of our coverage of trigonometry (teaching the graphical solution method for trigonometric functions and more), and a complete revision of our indices topic (try our fractional bases with integer powers!).

Videos Overview

Our video team has also been hard at work, walking students through everything from percentages to perimeters. Over 400 question and 100 lesson videos were made this quarter!

Senior Secondary Highlight

We have also continued updating our exam preparation materials and sample papers for Year 12 students, concentrating on the HSC and VCE. Our step-by-step support really shines at this level of mathematics. The content team also helped develop diagnostic reports compiled after students completed the samples, providing individual student and class data insights together with recommendations on topic areas for revision.

Something fun!

Finally, if you’re looking for some fun, try out this hypotrochoid applet (more commonly known as a spirograph). Slide every slider, and share your results with us!