Announcing Task Templates

Setting tasks for your students is now easier than ever. Try the Task Templates now!

Announcing Task Templates

We've launched a brand new feature on Mathspace called Task Templates.

Setting tasks for your students is now easier than ever. You can easily browse our selection of templates created by teachers for teachers. The most exciting thing about Task Templates is that our team of in-house teachers and content specialists has created them.

Prepare for Term 2 assessments with our topic revision templates

We know how busy teachers get during term 2, particularly with half yearly exam preparation, which is why we have created lots of topic revision templates for the launch of this new feature.

We've focused on creating topic revision templates for every topic in Year 7-10 of the Australian Curriculum. We want to help you prepare for assessments by making it easy to access the right content at the right time, with no searching required.

How do I access the Task Templates?

You’ll find the ‘Templates’ tab at the top of your navigation bar when you first log in to your Mathspace account.

The Task Templates are listed either individually or in groups. Task Template Groups consists of a collection of individual Task Templates that belong to a specific category - e.g. Year 7 Revision. You can also find specific Task Templates by using the search bar located on top of the list.

Once you click on a Task Template, you will be able to see a preview of the questions. You can then assign this Task Template as a Custom task by clicking the assign button in the top right-hand corner of the page. This will take you to the existing Create Task screen within Mathspace.

Can I edit Task Templates?

For most Task Templates you will still have the option to add or remove questions from the ‘Create Task’ page, so you can tailor the content for your students. The only templates that are not editable are the diagnostic and standardized testing materials.

What topics are your students revising? Try the Task Templates now!