The Final Countdown: Your SOL Prep Game Plan

Get ideas and expert guidance on preparing for the SOLs, tailored to the time you have.

The Final Countdown: Your SOL Prep Game Plan

No matter if you've got a month, a week, or just one glorious day of class time left until your students are tested on the Standards of Learning, we've got a plan to make SOL prep feel less like a mad dash and more like a victory lap. Let's dive in:

If You've Got a Month: The Deluxe Prep Package

Week 1: Kickoff with a Diagnostic Party

  • What's Happening: Hit the ground running with a diagnostic for each SOL strand. Think of it as the ultimate academic icebreaker.
  • Why It Rocks: You'll get a crystal-clear picture of what everyone remembers and what went in one ear and out the other.

Assign a Discovery Check-in (a Mathspace diagnostic)

Weeks 2-4: Conquer That Skills Map

  • The Game Plan: Students embark on a quest to complete their skills map, diving into each domain with the focus of a cat chasing a laser pointer.
  • Pro Tips: Keep spirits high with weekly progress parties. Think stickers, shoutouts, and the occasional meme competition to crown the "Skills Master of the Week."
Students can switch between the Topic & Skills views to see their growth and identify areas they need to work on.

If You've Got a Week: The Fast-Track Frenzy

Early Week: Zero In on the Zs

  • What to Do: Use VA SOL Task Templates (coming soon) to identify the strands that students need to come back to, the ones that are as foggy in students' minds as their memory of breakfast yesterday.
  • Make It Stick: Use the task reports and the new Virginia Skills Book to target the "Oops, totally forgot that!" skills with ninja-like precision.

Mid to Late Week: Skills Map Marathon

  • The Mission: Everyone dives into completing their skills maps for these select strands, turning class time into a blend of focused work and guerrilla teaching.
  • Why You'll Love It: Small group interventions mean you can play academic matchmaker, pairing forgotten skills with fresh understanding.

If You've Got a Day: The Supercharged Sprint

In Class: Diagnostic Dash

  • What's Going Down: Unleash the Mathspace diagnostic to quickly figure out where everyone stands, like a speed-dating round with math concepts.
  • The Bonus: It's fast, it's furious, and it gives you a snapshot of what to tackle stat.

Post-Class: Homework Heroics

  • The Homework: Assign targeted practice on Mathspace, where each student focuses on their most needed areas, or tell students to work on their recommended practice
  • The Pep Talk: Remind them they're not alone. Offer virtual high-fives, digital office hours, and the promise of eternal glory (or at least improved skills).

Wrapping It Up With a Bow

Celebrate the Small Wins: Whether it's finishing a skills map or mastering a tricky concept, every win deserves a little dance party (virtual or IRL).

Keep the Feedback Coming: Quick, constructive feedback is like the GPS for their learning journey—it keeps them on track and headed towards success. Use the Activity Report to pinpoint who most needs your support at any one time.

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work: Encourage study buddies and peer teaching. Sometimes a fellow student explains it just right, and suddenly, it all clicks.

So, there you have it—an SOL prep plan that’s more treat than trick, no matter how much time you've got. With Mathspace by your side, you're not just preparing for a test; you're leading a learning adventure. Let's make these final weeks count and show those SOL tests what we're made of!

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