Our Esteemed Educators of 2018

Our Esteemed Educators of 2018

We celebrate the top Mathspace educators of the United States

In 2018 we named two hundred and fifty math teachers across the United States as the Mathspace Esteemed Educators,  recognized for their vision and innovative approach to math education,  their successful implementation of technology in the classroom, and  helping their students to develop a growth mindset.

The  winning teachers exemplify adaptability, resilience, and a readiness to  explore new and innovative ways of teaching mathematics.

Daniel  Tu-Hoa, SVP Mathspace North America, said this year’s winners  demonstrated an outstanding commitment to using Mathspace’s adaptive  technology to personalize each student’s math journey.

Technology  is transforming how we teach and learn math. For educators, the  challenge is first figuring out which technology program fits best, and  then deciding on how to incorporate that technology into the way they  teach. This is no small task.
The Mathspace Esteemed Educators are  implementing our program in different ways, but they all share one  thing in common — a determination to give every single student the right  help, at the right time. They are using Mathspace to support students  at every step of their learning journey.
What’s  really exciting is that these teachers are seeing real results — not  only in their students’ math grades, but also in the way their students  think and feel about learning math.

Some of our Esteemed Educators shared some insights into how Mathspace works in their classrooms.

The ability to have students receive immediate feedback on each step of their math thinking has been truly invaluable.
I  am able to better target struggling students by checking in on the  teacher dashboard to see how students are progressing through an  assigned task, whether it be a mastery, adaptive, or custom task.
- Jennifer Saarinen, Kickemuit Middle School
My  students love Mathspace. On days that we are doing a Mathspace  assignment, they walk in the door excited, and are engaged the entire  class period!
- Kelly Gage, St Mark School
Students  in my lowest level remediation math class were given a task and  immediately their hands went up for help. As much as I wanted to step in  and offer assistance, I was tough and stood back and told them to use  the hints and videos available. Over the course of a couple assignments,  I noticed that my students didn’t start a problem by saying “I don’t  know what to do” and their mathematical perseverance and stamina  increased.
Chris Cromwell, JR Fugett Middle School

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