New Interactive Problems in May 2024

See which topics had new problems added in May 2024, and use the links to check the new problems out for yourself.

New Interactive Problems in May 2024

It's that time of the month when I get to share an update on the list of topics that have had new interactive problems added in the previous month - in this case May. The update is split into changes published in our Australian textbooks and our US textbooks.

As always, if there's a chapter or topic that you think is in need of some new problems - because it's missing something, or just needs a greater range of questions - do let us know by sending a message to our support team via the chat icon in the Mathspace app.


Australian Curriculum Year 7 - v9 2024

Australian Curriculum Year 8 - v9 2024

Australian Curriculum Year 9 - v9 2024

Australian Curriculum Year 10 - v9 2024

NSW Year 7 2024

NSW Year 8 2024

NSW Year 9 2024

NSW Year 10 2024

VIC Year 7 2024

VIC Year 8 2024

VIC Year 9 2024

VIC Year 10 2024

United States

VA SOL Skills Book

Grade 6. Probability & Statistics

Grade 7. Measurement & Geometry

Grade 7. Number & Number Sense

A1. Expressions and Operations

A1. Statistics

A2. Functions

A2. Statistics

G. Polygons and Circles

G. Reasoning, Lines and Transformations