Mathspace launches major Common Core content upgrade

Mathspace launches major Common Core content upgrade

New CCSS content spanning Grade 3 to Precalculus

Today we’re pleased to announce a major upgrade of the CCSS content on Mathspace. We want to make it easier for teachers to:  understand and track how their students are learning; align our content  to school scope and sequences; and ensure a cohesive student learning  experience.

At  Mathspace, we’re continuously creating new content. This latest update  has extended the scope of our existing CCSS material, allows for greater  differentiability and makes it easier for teachers to find work  specific to standards.

Head  of US Curriculum at Mathspace, Andie Hoyt, said that teachers want the  ability to reach students at the exact point of misconception. This  latest upgrade gives teachers the ability to really narrow in on  specific skills and helps them to differentiate students.

Our  hope is that this upgrade will give teachers enhanced visibility over  how our content relates to certain standards in their curriculum. We’ve  made that easier with mapping documents that link directly to the  subtopics in Mathspace.

The  upgrade improves the grouping and ordering of topics and subtopics in a  way that matches how teachers teach the content throughout the year.  For the most part, teachers can find the background skills at the  beginning of a topic, and the extension material at the end. Subtopics  linked to similar outcomes will be more closely grouped together in the  same topic.

Teachers  now also have the option of selecting ‘combined syllabuses’ rather than  just one individual syllabus. The combined syllabuses contain all the  material needed for coverage of the standards for either grades 6–8 or  9–12. The combined syllabuses are really useful for teachers wanting to  have access to material for a broad range of student learning levels .

The  Mathspace team has also added new investigations at every level, from  Grade 3 to Precalculus. Ms Hoyt says that these open-ended tasks can  help to encourage student conversations and connections between  concepts.

When  students talk with one another and verbalize their thoughts, problem  solving strategies are developed and deep learning occurs. With our  investigations students are encouraged to think outside of the box. They  are encouraged to share their methods and justify their reasoning with  one another.

Hoyt said that the upgrade also includes significant improvements to the Geometry content at the High School level.

We  knew we wanted to treat Geometry with the rigor it deserves, but we  also wanted to ensure the content was approachable for students. It’s a  difficult balance, but our aim is for our geometry content to be  approachable and rigorous — to honor the simple beauty of pure geometry,  and to inspire students to make their own connections.

Overall,  the CCSS upgrade is designed to make it as easy as possible for  teachers to find and assign content aligned to standards. Hoyt said:

We  know that when teachers cut time by easily creating tasks and  assignments, they can then spend more time doing the things that make  them great teachers!

For a detailed breakdown of the new content by Grade level, please read more here.