Mathspace for the International Baccalaureate (IB) Program

Mathspace for the International Baccalaureate (IB) Program

Mathspace has been working on a brand new set of textbooks for the International Baccalaureate and, as of the start of this year, they’ve been released into BETA for schools to test and explore.

The Content Team have worked to build and align the content for the following books in both the IB Middle Years Program and Diploma Program:

  • MYP 2
  • MYP 3
  • MYP 4
  • MYP 5
  • MYP 5E
  • DP Core (SL)
  • DP Analysis & Approaches (SL)
  • DP Applications & Interpretation (SL)

All of these books contain comprehensive lessons, assignable question sets and printable worksheets with over 100 topics and over 500 subtopics covered across the library. For existing customers, the books are available free with your subscription whilst for new customers, you can trial them free. In either case, you’re welcome to fill in this form to request access and we’ll help you get started.

The layout of our IB textbooks will be familiar to anyone that’s seen a Mathspace textbook before. Each bookis broken down into topics(or chapters) and subtopics, all of which are numbered for easy reference. The whole book is also searchable by keyword within topic or subtopic titles - and soon, they’ll be searchable by outcome code, too!Each subtopic contains a lesson, set of assignable questions and a printable worksheet, with every assignable question built to be randomisable, and with the hints and next steps available to students when working through them.

The Mathspace Lesson contains the instruction component of the Textbook, including pictorial representations, worked examples, teacher videos and Geogebra applets to help engage and explain

Teachers can also use any question from the textbook as a model, opening it up in the workbook to talk through the problem - either in class or via screen sharing on your preferred remote learning tool. Students can follow along and solve the same problem template simultaneously, with a randomised set of variables encouraging them to understand the mathematics underpinning it, rather than copying down the solution step-by-step.

The Questions & Worksheets components of the Mathspace Textbook contain a variety of problem types that can be completed online and offline respectively; problems cover fluency, problem solving and reasoning and wherever possible incorporate method marks.

The IB books were created with close reference to the following guides from the IBO:

  • Mathematics: analysis and approaches guide - First assessment 2021
  • Mathematics: applications and interpretation guide - First assessment 2021
  • Middle Years Program Mathematics guide

By editing existing Mathspace content and creating lessons and worksheets for new concepts in the SL courses - such as Spearman’s rank coefficient, Voronoi diagrams and Hypothesis testing - we were able to create books that cover all sections of the SL guides and all branches of the MYP guide.

The SL content is organised into a Core SL book which covers content that is in both the Analysis & Approaches and the Applications & Interpretation courses. It is suitable for study within the first year of the course. The Analysis & Approaches and Applications & Interpretation books cover the remaining content in their respective courses.

The MYP content is organised into the five books as deemed appropriate by the dot points in each stage for each branch of mathematics in the MYP guide. There is some overlap in concepts between books so that teachers and students have flexibility in when they would like to cover certain topics.  

We're excited our new IB textbooks continue our commitment to delivering the right help at the right time to all students - and we invite you to try them. If you would like to access these textbooks, just fill in this form, and we’ll be in touch to get you set up. Looking forward to hearing from you!