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Product May 24, 2021

Following on from the release of the International Baccalaureate MYP 2-5 & DP (SL) textbooks earlier this year, the textbook authoring team here at Mathspace has now finalised and released a brand new set of three curriculum-aligned textbooks for the following IGCSE courses, with close reference made to the respective guides as linked:

  • IGCSE Mathematics (0580/0980)
  • IGCSE Additional Mathematics (0606)
  • IGCSE International Mathematics (0607)

All of these books contain comprehensive lessons, printable worksheets and assignable question sets with over 300 subtopics covered across the library. For existing customers, the books are available free with your subscription (and may already have been added to your account if we know you cover the IGCSE); new customers can trial them free alongside any other relevant textbooks in our library. In either case, simply fill in this form to request access and we’ll help you get started.

The layout of our new IGCSE textbooks will be familiar to anyone that’s seen a Mathspace textbook before (though being the weighty courses they are, there’s more topics in the 0580 and 0607 books than in most of our textbooks). Each book is broken down into topics (or chapters) and subtopics, all of which are numbered for easy reference; the subtopics each then have an interactive lesson, printable worksheet and a set of assignable questions. Each book is also searchable by keyword as well as by the outcome code from the IGCSE syllabus documentation.

The Mathspace Lesson contains the instruction component of the Textbook, including pictorial representations, worked examples, instructional videos and GeoGebra applets to help engage and explain

Teachers can assign lessons, worksheets or question sets to their students within Mathspace or via a VLE/LMS using the shareable links (or you can download and print the Worksheets and matching answer keys). Alternatively, schools following a more student-led approach can provide access to one or more textbooks and then allow students to simply work through the topics independently: learning from lessons, working through worksheets, or self-starting adaptive tasks that automatically differentiate to ensure they’re always within their Zone of Proximal Development.

By combining existing Mathspace content from other courses with new and additional content created from scratch - such as cumulative frequency tables and graphs, special number sets and cubic inequalities - we were able to create a comprehensive set of books that cover all sections of each course.

To simplify navigation and enable effective teaching of combined classes, any extended content is included throughout the books and indicated by the word “Extended” either in the topic title (where the whole topic is deemed extended content) or in the headings within the lesson or worksheet (where only some of the content is extended).

The Questions & Worksheets components of the Mathspace Textbook contain a variety of problem types that can be completed online and offline respectively; problems cover fluency, problem solving and reasoning and wherever possible incorporate method marks.

We're excited our new IGCSE textbooks continue our commitment to delivering the right help at the right time to all students and we invite you to start making use of them right away. If you would like access to these textbooks (and don’t already have it), just fill in this form or reach out to your Mathspace representative.
If you do have an existing account with access to the books, why not take a look at some of the content our team of authors picked out as personal favourites?

We have a thorough quality assurance process in place but, like any publisher, we’re not immune to mistakes - the difference is our ability to easily correct those mistakes and roll the changes out to all users immediately. So we would love to hear from you if you do manage to spot an error or just have any feedback on any aspect of these new courses - positive feedback welcomed as well as constructive!

Michael Penfold

Michael is an ex-Head of Maths from the UK. He first joined Mathspace in 2018, and has since worked with schools around the world; he now works primarily with international schools teaching IB/IGCSE.

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