Common Core Upgrade

Common Core Upgrade

Detailed breakdown of what’s new


  • Lots of new content — this includes more investigations and more subtopics. In particular, lots of new geometry subtopics
  • More granular alignment to every standard
  • Newly updated mapping documents on our curriculum page
  • More focused alignment to High School Algebra and High School Functions Domains
  • We’ve ensured that each high school course emphasizes the right functions for each standard
  • Teachers  now also have the option of selecting ‘combined syllabuses’ rather an  individual syllabus. The combined syllabuses contain all the material  needed for coverage of the standards for either grades 6–8 or 9–12.

Highlights by grade levels

3rd grade:

  • New investigations added
  • Alignment to 14 additional standards

4th grade:

  • New investigations and subtopics added

5th grade

  • New investigations added
  • We  understand the importance of operations with whole numbers and decimals  in this grade. Whole number and decimals topics have been split for  better fast-track diagnosis and more focused instruction
  • Order and place value
  • Addition / subtraction
  • Multiplication / division

6th grade:

  • New investigations added
  • Topics re-scoped and reordered to align with most school scope and sequences

7th grade:

  • New investigations added
  • Operations with rational numbers in a single topic for quicker fast-track diagnosis

8th grade:

  • New investigations added
  • Topics rescoped and reordered to align with most school scope and sequences.

High School Algebra:

  • New investigations added
  • More content on applications of linear and exponential functions
  • Added topic on financial applications with simple and compound interest
  • Sequences and saving money investigation

High School Geometry:

  • Topics rescoped and reordered to align with most school scope and sequences.
  • 20 new geometry subtopics — and 30 more on the way!
  • More interactive widgets
  • Emphasis on US vocabulary, notation, and theorems — including two-column and paragraph proofs
  • More user-friendly experience: Justification of reasoning is now multiple choice!


  • New investigations added
  • Content beyond the standards to prepare students for Calculus:
  • Now including parametric equations, polar equations, limits, and area & volume with a calculus perspective